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Swedish Society for Town and Country Planning

Swedish Society for Town and Country Planning

Welcome to the Swedish Society for Town and Country Planning!

Swedish planning in the 21st century faces great challenges. How are we to meet increasing internationalization, with keener regional competition? What stand should we take on the privatization of public services? How should sustainable development be handled in practice?

What do these challenges mean to planners? With the growth of the knowledge society, the expectations on the profession are changing. In the future, planners will need a command of new methods and processes, with an increasing emphasis on strategic thinking. The planner's role as coordinator and negotiator will become increasingly important.


PLAN — the Swedish Journal of Planning

plan-2013-2-3PLAN, the magazine for members of the Swedish Society for Town and Country Planning, reflects the dynamics of planning in a changing society. In PLAN researchers and practitioners describe, analyze, and debate the changing conditions for planners and the new challenges facing them, as well as the new work methods and goals of the profession. PLAN

Swedish Planning Explained and Presented

2013-planbok-omslag-litenThe newly published book (may 2013) "Planning and Sustainable Urban Development in Sweden" is a perfect introduction to the Swedish planning context and contemporary examples of sustainable urban development. Order your copy now!

Föreningen för Samhällsplanering   c/o Kulturgeografiska institutionen   Stockholms universitet   106 91 Stockholm

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